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Kiddy: Every Child's Dreamland

KidsKiddy was founded with one main goal in mind during early 2019: to bring people the best professional and quality projectors at a fraction of the cost. We have travelled a lot through America and Europe to find out what improvements and ideas we could find and bring with us. In the end we met a lot of interesting people and can say that we found the best improvements possible for the KidsKiddy– and hey, the shipping is free for you!
At KidsKiddy you will find really great products, which we have tested intensively ourselves. We are impressed of our own products and have extremely high quality standards.

In a world of fleeting digital trends and temporary pleasures, we at Kiddy believe in the timeless magic of childhood. We remember the delight of unwrapping a new toy, or wearing a dress that made us feel like a princess or a superhero. It's that genuine joy, that wide-eyed wonder, we aim to recapture and share with every product in our collection.

Founded by a mother who felt overwhelmed by the generic, mass-produced products flooding the market, Kiddy was birthed from a vision of reimagining the traditional. We began our journey with a simple idea: to combine classic designs with unparalleled quality, to make pieces that not only stand out but also stand the test of time.

Every toy in our collection isn't just a toy; it's a piece of art, handcrafted with passion and attention to detail. We've sourced the finest materials, ensuring not just safety but also an exceptional tactile experience for little hands. Our clothes aren't merely fabric stitched together; they're memories waiting to be worn, adventures waiting to be embarked upon.

We have partners from all over the world, artisans who share our vision of creating unique pieces that tell a story. From hand-knitted mittens that remind one of a grandmother's touch to wooden toys inspired by centuries-old designs, every item at Kiddy has a story to tell.

For us, Kiddy isn't just a business; it's a commitment. A commitment to every parent who wants the best for their child, to every child whose eyes light up with pure joy, and to every memory that gets etched into the canvas of our lives.

Welcome to Kiddy - where dreams come alive, one toy and outfit at a time.



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